Gun Violence Statistics for Massachusetts

Gun violence statistics: in Massachusetts rose 16%—that is nearly 16 times the increase seen at the national level in 2017.

In the wake of both the El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH shootings, gun violence data in the United States has been in the forefront of the news cycle. Here is data related specifically to your state sourced from the CDC, which was last updated in 2017. If you are interested in diving into data specific to your communities, visit our Massachusetts data page here.

We have compiled some major takeaways about that data below:

  • Firearm related homicides went up in the Massachusetts from 89 deaths in 2016 to 103 deaths in 2017.

  • When looking at these numbers by county, 44% of the homicides were committed in Suffolk county alone—the home of Boston, Massachusetts.

Gun Violence Statistics: Firearm-related homicides in Massachusetts

Interested in diving deeper and understanding how gun violence effects different demographics in Massachusetts? View our interactive gun violence report : Click here