Get Organized and Inspired with New Labels and Story Copies

Over the past few weeks, LiveStories has rolled out some amazing new updates that will make it much easier to keep track of your work—and to learn from other LiveStories users.

Labels, Any Color You Like

If you have more stories and datasets on your team than you know what to do with, labels can help you organize them. To enable labels, select “Team” from your account menu (three dots in the upper-right corner), then select “LABELS.”

You can add as many labels as you like, and you can customize their colors. Add labels to stories and datasets on your team—for example, labels for monthly reports, for stories that are ready for review, or for datasets that are public. 

Once your items are labeled, you’ll be able to search by label names. (We do recommend limiting the number of labels you create to just a handful—so your team isn't overwhelmed by categories.)

Borrow from the Best with Copy

“Copy” is a new feature that enables you to place a published story—and all of its datasets—into your team. We're especially excited to introduce this feature, because so many LiveStories users have published amazing stories that are well worth sharing and emulating.

This feature only works on stories that have been published with the “copy” feature enabled. You can publish your own stories with this feature enabled as well, so other LiveStories teams can re-use them and their data.

To test out this feature on your team, try copying one of our team’s stories on high school graduation rates:

Make sure you’re logged in to your LiveStories team. Then just click on the word “COPY” in the upper-right of the story.  

We're always adding new features based on user input, so let us know in the comments what you think—or if there's anything else you'd like to see on the platform. Happy labeling!

Photo credit: Tim Gouw