U.S. Department of Defense launches open data portal using LiveStories

The Department of Defense Open Data Portal Data.Mil

The Department of Defense Open Data Portal Data.Mil

LiveStories today announced that the U.S. Department of Defense has launched the open data portal data.mil  using the LiveStories data storytelling platform. Data.mil is an experimental project, created by the Defense Digital Service (DDS) in collaboration with data owners throughout the U.S. military. With Data.mil, the Department of Defense is reinforcing its commitment to make publicly-releasable data openly available in a searchable, machine-readable, downloadable format.

The Data.mil open data portal is launching with an exciting first offering, Theater History of Operations (THOR). THOR is a painstakingly cultivated database of historic aerial bombings from World War I through Vietnam. It is a near comprehensive dataset of all bombs dropped geo-targeted with more than 60 different data attributes.

The LiveStories platform distinguishes itself by allowing the data publisher to create data stories that combine images, videos, rich text, charts, and maps to engage the reader and explain the context surrounding the data. The Department of Defense has published several stories on data.mil that highlight key findings from the data, including videos that provide meaningful historical analysis.

“Our goal is to increase the public’s interaction with and understanding of their military, the LiveStories platform helps us tell the full story around the data and engage a wider audience.” stated  Mary Lazzeri, Site Creator, Defense Digital Service. There are currently stories about World War I and World War II and soon data and stories on the Korea and Vietnam wars will also be made available.

LiveStories launched its data portal offering as a user-friendly and more engaging alternative to existing products on the market. “Data.mil is a perfect example of the importance of telling the story behind the data, and we are extremely proud to be partnering with the Department of Defense on this project” stated Adnan Mahmud, Founder and CEO of LiveStories.

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