Data Story Roundup: July 3 to July 10

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New Orleans mayor wants to turn Mayor's Conference into a powerful national platform. 

The conference will be harnessing the power of cities with the goal of making Congress more in touch with the American people.

Louisville launches first data-driven collaboration to improve asthma. 

The latest in digital health technology: medication inhaler sensors which track when, where, and how often Louisville residents experienced asthma symptoms. Participants saw a 82% reduction in asthma rescue inhaler use.

New CDC data shows doctors are giving their patients prescriptions that last longer.

New data from CDC's Morbidity and and Mortality Weekly Report show that the length of prescription increased from an average of 13 days in 2006 to 18 days in 2015. This trend is concerning because the longer someone has access to the drugs, the greater their chances are of becoming addicted. 

Massachusetts launches the latest government website to ask community members for critique and feedback.  

As part of a trend among state and local governments to make information more accessible and story-driven, other governments from cities like Boston and New York have also created websites with the help of their communities. 


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