City of East Moline Launches FORWARD™

LiveStories worked with East Moline to quickly deploy FORWARD , the business recovery platform that empowers America’s businesses to succeed through the Covid-19 recovery and beyond.

“FORWARD is a free online portal that connects local businesses in East Moline to a comprehensive list of resources—grants, loans, credits, offers, and incentives. It’s a one-stop shop for recovery programs.

"East Moline is proud be at the forefront of municipalities investing in LiveStories FORWARD, a tool for our business owners, along with Moline and Rock Island.

"This platform allows business owners – big and small – to explore all funding opportunities available to them. It’s as simple as entering your business’ information, then the system will tell you what you qualify for. This means you can now spend less time searching and more time applying for grants and funding to keep your business secure and growing."

- City of East Moline, Illinois

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