10 Excel Tricks Everyone Should Know

We gathered 10 useful Excel tricks that we think you should know. See how you can work smarter in Excel. 

How to Do VLookups in Excel

The VLOOKUP function is one of the most useful tools in Excel's arsenal. Here's how to wield it. 

How to Present Data Well

You have important data and insights you want to present, but how do you make sure the right point comes across? Here are three tips to remember when you present data.

Ask an Epi: Morbidity vs. Mortality Rate

Health expert Sofia Husain describes the difference between morbidity and mortality. 

Time to Ditch the PDF

Time to Ditch the PDF

You aspire to implement a modern communication strategy. However, your strategy revolves around distributing a set of PDF files — something that is 30 years old and offers little interactivity

Ask an Epi: Incidence vs. Prevalence

Incidence and prevalence are both ways of measuring the frequency and spread of diseases.

How to Use Index and Match on Excel

Like peanut butter and jelly, INDEX and MATCH are two Excel functions that work better together. Here's how to use them.

How to Do HLookups in Excel

The HLOOKUP function is useful when you have to find a value in a spreadsheet with many columns. Here's how it works. 

Five Ways to Fail at Data Visualization

Unfortunately, some data visualizations just don’t work. Here are five examples of classic data visualization fails.

Open Data Files: The Main Formats

Open data can be uploaded in a variety of formats. This post discusses the main ones.

What is Open Data?

Open data is free to the public, easily accessible, and usable as an input for programs and other functions. 

Preparing for an IoT Future

The government has a vital role to play in the "Internet of Things" (IoT)—both in wielding these technologies for the public good and in regulating them against malfeasance.

Bring Open Data to Life, by Putting it in Good Hands

To really capture the meaning and potential of data, you need people to bring it to life —in the form of local collaborations, news stories, and apps that provide the audiences you’re trying to reach with easy access to information and services.

Open Data 2.0: Transparency with Focus

If publishing data is Open Data 1.0, the next iteration will involve putting these data to good use. Open Data 2.0 should inform policymaking budgetary decisions, raise awareness of issues, and ultimately, empower communities.

President Trump and the Data Behind "American Carnage"

At his inauguration, President Trump detailed a list of social maladies facing Americans, including child poverty, a crippled manufacturing industry, poor education, crime, and drugs. We look at the data.

Smarter City Health Data: Introducing the 500 Cities Project

The CDC's 500 Cities Project released vital health measures at the city level. See how LiveStories explores this data in a series of new stories. 

Happening Now: The Changing States of America

New data from the United States Census Bureau track population shifts in all 50 states from July 1, 2015 to July 1, 2016. LiveStories put together a quick look at this data that visualizes the components of these population changes.

The Year in Review | The Most Interesting Open Data Articles in 2016

The Year in Review | The Most Interesting Open Data Articles in 2016

We have gathered some of the most interesting data articles from 2016.

The Future of Open Data, in the Story of an Ancient Library

The next administration will need to make important choices about both government data and Iraq. What can Mosul’s ruins tell us about the future of government data?

LiveStories Empowers Rapid Responses to Health Crises

During fast-developing news events or public health crises, communicating the latest information to readers becomes even more essential.