A New Look for a New LiveStories

Welcome to the new LiveStories.com! We’ve just redesigned our website, and not just for aesthetic reasons (though we do hope you like the new font). Today, we’re launching a major product update. LiveStories now includes a vast library of civic data, along with team collaboration features.

Introducing Our Civic Data Library

LiveStories has always been a platform for telling stories about data, and we’ve made it easy for anyone to create interactive charts and build engaging websites to communicate insights. But working with data itself is hard. We’ve found that our customers may spend upwards of 80 percent of their time on projects finding and cleaning public datasets before they even put them on our platform.

With our new civic data library, our customers can skip those strenuous steps entirely, and spend their time exploring the data, finding insights, and sharing their data and stories with their communities. Our library includes over a thousand indicators from the American Community Survey, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, and other vital government data sources—with more sources and indicators added each week. You can search for any topic and instantly access charts and maps for almost any location—states, counties, cities, even census tracts. No need to find datasets scattered on the Internet. No need to even open Excel. You can dive straight into the data and explore.

Team Collaboration Made Easy

And speaking of not opening other programs—you don’t have to bother with e-mail or messaging apps to keep track of your work on LiveStories either. Our platform now includes social collaboration features, so you can comment and request feedback from colleagues about stories and charts in real-time.

There’s plenty more, too. Check out our How it Works page and watch new videos walking through some of the new features. Whether you work in public health, local government, education, or public safety, we think you’ll find plenty to love on the latest LiveStories.

If you'd like to learn more, request a demo today!