3 Free Design Tools That Can Help You Create Beautiful Reports

A great design can take your presentation, story, or report from looking good to looking great. This means great illustrations, the right colors, and beautiful imagery. But if you, like most people, don't have a designer around, you can use these three free tools to make your presentation look beautiful. 

1. Adobe Color — Find the Perfect Color Palette

When you are creating a story, try to think of the mood you would like to portray and who you are trying to impact. Once you have decided on your message it will help you define your color palette. You can also use a photo that invokes a feeling and use the colors in that photo to help define the color palette. color.adobe.com offers a great tool to create color palettes. We recommend you use a monochromatic or complimentary color scheme.

2. Flickr — Stunning Imagery at No Cost

Finding visuals and images for your story can be time consuming and costly. To save time and money, use creative commons image databases such as Flickr.com to find images that you can use for free. Just remember to change the copyright filters to ‘Creative Commons’ photos. Notice: There is a number of different types of Creative Commons licenses, so to make sure you are giving the right attributions read these guidelines.        

3. Canva.com — Beautiful Illustrations in No Time

A great tool for creating cover or banner images is Canva.com. They have a number of templates and layouts including for social media, presentations, posters, but you can also create custom sizes. Either way, you can add shapes, icons, and photos. They have a big library of free illustrations whereas others cost $1 dollar, but you can get far with the free version. 

These are some of the design tools we recommend our customers, but surely there are many more out there. Which ones did we forget? Let us know in the comments section below.