What is a LiveStories Civic Adviser?


Every Community in America is changing across a broad range of areas: demographically, economically, and socially. We know these changes that communities face have significant impact on their resources, affecting outcomes on everything from health and public safety to economic development needs.

As a Civic Adviser, you will enable communities to utilize LiveStories’ comprehensive civic data and reports platform to understand, manage, and document the change.


Why should you become a Civic Adviser?

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Be a trusted resource

You have years of experience and are respected as an expert in your field. Help your community and network understand the value and insights that civic data provides.

Provide advice to your network


Move communities forward

The future belongs to those that use data to make effective decisions. Yet, most data today is unusable and requires expensive experts and tools to unlock. Provide guidance to your network about how they can create value from their data today.

Assist organizations to unlock their data

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Generate income while making a difference

Leverage your expertise and network to create a new income source. LiveStories provides you the tools and support you need to share solutions with your network, get new customers, and grow your business.

Earn income doing what you’re passionate about


LiveStories Civic Adviser Support

To help our Civic Advisers, we've created an extensive and easy-to-access support system.



  • Leverage LiveStories’ complete product catalog with your network and communities

  • Collaborate with our team to create custom products and solutions for your network


  • Produce a comprehensive and dedicated web presence

  • Provide all brochures, sales & marketing collateral, and support

  • Create white papers, webinars, blog posts, and links to your social media profiles


  • Provide detailed training about the different products and solutions offered by LiveStories

  • Facilitate and deliver product demonstrations with our team for people you refer


LiveStories is a Trusted Partner

Communities across American rely on LiveStories to help them deliver transparent, accountable, and actionable data insight. Whether it’s a weekly flu report, Community Health Assessment or a Comprehensive Economic Development Study, we have the data and experience you need.


LiveStories Civic Adviser Program

Advise your network, assist organizations in unlocking data, and earn income doing what you're passionate about
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