About LiveStories


The United States is a nation of over 3,000 counties, 20,000 cities, and 100,000 schools.

We built LiveStories so every county, city and school district can put their local data to work. 


Our Company


Founded in 2013, LiveStories is a software company based in Seattle, Washington. Since then, we've partnered with local governments and other organizations throughout the United States.

Governments use LiveStories to get insights about health care, poverty, crime, and education in their communities, and publish those insights as interactive data stories. Our platform includes hundreds of government data sources, with more added every week.

With the ability to compare cities, counties, and states on various indicators, decision-makers can identify and elevate areas of concern. And just as importantly, LiveStories is a platform for collaboration between internal and external teams, so everyone can share information and work together to solve these problems and build healthier, safer, and smarter communities.


Our Company Culture


Running a company is like dancing. Everyone has to learn a series of steps, repeat them with precision, and—every now and then—improvise. 

Every company has its own dance beat. At LiveStories, our beat is #hiphop: 

  • We are Hungry. We set ambitious goals, and we strive to exceed them. 
  • We are Inspired by our customers, who do amazing work for their communities.
  • We are Persistent. We do whatever it takes to serve our customers. 
  • We are Humble. We respect our customers' expertise, their priorities, and their time.
  • We are Open. We conduct our business honestly and frankly, and we love to hear feedback. 
  • We are Proud—of our product, and what our customers accomplish with our product.


We're hiring.

We are eager to find people who are excited about transforming the biggest industry in the world. 


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