Every Community in America is Changing

We know these changes communities face have a significant impact on their resources, affecting outcomes on everything from health and public safety to economic development needs.
LiveStories has developed FORWARD - the only business recovery and growth platform - to help governments and businesses recover and thrive. Businesses can easily find and apply to the most relevant grants, loans, and deferments, without feeling overwhelmed. Local agencies can easily track the business activity and create custom programs to respond in real-time to their challenges.
Every community in America is changing as we try to cope with the challenges of these uncertain times.
At LiveStories, we have spent years helping communities effectively use data to communicate change. Now, as communities face an unprecedented crisis, we are turning our skills to help these communities.
"Every one of the City of Moline’s residents has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our lives are changing quickly and our residents need to make informed decisions.
There is a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming for business owners. FORWARD will generate available funding sources based on the individual business profile, so each business owner sees only those resources that apply to them.
— Stephanie Acri, Mayor, Moline, Illinois


With LiveStories, Organizations Can Focus Their Energy and Time on What Matters

  • Save 1,000’s of hours from data collection

  • Our reports and data update automatically

  • Get all your stakeholders on the same page

  • Make well-informed decisions using your data

  • Analyze information specific to your department

  • Quick access to reports & data via our catalog

Claire+Hermann Final.jpg
In our line of work, budgets are tight, but the need to get effective messaging out there is pretty critical. LiveStories allows us to get information out to the people who need it most, so they can make the important decisions necessary to keep our community healthy.
— Claire, San Luis Obispo County Health Agency


LiveStories is a Trusted Partner

Communities across the country rely on LiveStories to help them deliver transparent, and actionable data insights. Whether it’s a weekly flu report, Community Health Assessment or a Comprehensive Economic Development Study, we have the data and experience you need.