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We are so excited to see this kind of platform being developed for the public sector. In our line of work, budgets are tight, but the need to get effective messaging out there is pretty critical. This tool allows us to get information out to the people who need it most, so they can make the important decisions necessary to keep our community healthy.
— Claire Hermann, San Luis Obispo County Health Agency
Focus on your community's data and get new insights. 

Focus on your community's data.

There is a lot of data out there. But without technical expertise and plenty of free time, that data might as well be invisible. With our civic data library, you can skip the steps of finding, formatting, and visualizing datasets—and go straight to analysis.   

Show the story behind the numbers and paint the full picture. 

Show the story behind the numbers.

Spreadsheets never give the full picture. Whether you're publishing raw data, a chart, or an open data portal, our platform empowers you to provide context behind data for any audience.

Share insights and stories on our platform and bring data collaboration to a new level. 

Collaborate and communicate.

The power of data truly shines when everyone can share their unique insights. Our platform breaks down the communication barriers between data and between people—teams, departments, and organizations. 

See LiveStories in action.

Connect your community with civic data.

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