A data platform so easy to use that anyone can
visualize, discuss, and present data.


All your data.
Easily accessible.


LiveStories brings all your datasets into one location, so you can easily explore and discover insights. You can upload your own datasets or access our extensive library of health data, education data, and population data for both local and national levels.

Charts and Maps.
Created automagically.


Visualize this: Instead of looking at boring spreadsheets, LiveStories creates beautiful data visualizations for you - automagically. You can even search within your datasets and see charts and maps visualized in an instant. Magic without all the drama.

Data Presentations.
Without all the hassle.


Quickly go from data to engaging data stories with our story builder. Provide more context to your data by adding text, images, and videos. Easy to create, share, and update.  Perfect for data storytelling, community reports, and performance dashboards.


See How We Are Powering Modern Governments Across The World

Livestories makes it drop-dead simple for me to quickly create visually rich and compelling stories.
— Rick Anderson, Director of Public Policy at Washington Nonprofits

See Visualizations appear automagically

With our Explore function, you can create charts and maps in seconds. Simply select the dataset you want to explore and LiveStories will suggest the best visualizations based on your data. Quickly search for specific charts, categories, names, or locations to find exactly what you are looking for, or get inspired by the many automagic charts as you scroll down the page. Customize the data visualizations to your liking with the Chart builder, or pin and save them to a dashboard directly from Explore.


Bring Data And People Together


LiveStories was built to increase team and data collaboration by making it easy for anyone to visualize data, discover insights, discuss findings, and present the results. With LiveStories, data is no longer reserved for the few. Your team can quickly engage with the data and start working on projects together. Data collaboration helps inform decision-making in your organization and breaks down information silos within and across departments.


Data presentations just got exciting  


Transform your data from boring spreadsheets to powerful and engaging data presentations. With our story builder you can easily and quickly create beautiful dashboards, reports, and data stories. Build your layout and add text, videos, images, charts, and maps to engage and inspire your audience. Share your data presentations with your team, a select few, or publish it for the world to see and share online. 

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