Open Up Your Data

LiveStories brings all your data into one place and makes it easy for data novices and experts alike to explore, share, and present data. This allows you to open your data up to whomever you want while maintaining full control of what is shared. Make your data easily accessible to your colleagues, partner organizations, or the world. 


Get Everyone on the Same Page

Whether you are looking to collaborate within a small team, an entire organization, or even across organizations, LiveStories makes it a breeze. LiveStories was built with collaboration in mind and you will be amazed to see what happens when data analysts, communicators, designers, and decision-makers collaborate using LiveStories. 


Engage Your Audiences and Compel Action

Our many publishing options help you communicate data more effectively to any audience. Quickly and easily create engaging and interactive content that can help inform decision-making and compel action. All of our content options are easy to create, share, and update. 


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