LiveStories is a Data Publishing Platform
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All Your Data Easily Accessible

All Your Data.
Easily Accesible

Bring all your data into one location, so you can easily explore, discuss, and share insights with your team. 

Charts and maps created automagically

Charts and Maps.
Created Automagically

Watch your data visualized instantly.
LiveStories creates beautiful charts and maps - automagically.

Data Presentations

Data Presentations.
Without All The Hassle.

Quickly go from data to engaging data stories with our story builder. Easy to create, share, and update.  


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LiveStories Data Home

Data Home

Make Public Data Easily Accessible

The LiveStories Data Home is an online data portal for your public facing data. We built our Data Home to be an inviting and user-friendly experience so anyone can search, explore, download, and share data. Data Home automagically suggests data sets, charts, and maps based on a visitors search, so they can browse the results visually and save or share their favorite results. 

LiveStories Team Account


Data Collaboration and Storytelling for Teams

Get your entire team on the same page with our Team subscription. LiveStories Team is the easiest and fastest way to collaborate around data and storytelling. With a LiveStories Team, you can discuss charts, share dashboards, and tell the stories behind your data - together. You will be surprised how easy and fast data collaboration is with LiveStories Team.



Data Storytelling for Health Organizations

If your organization is focused on health, HealthData+ is for you. Besides the LiveStories Team subscription, HealthData+ includes consultation from public health experts at the Public Health Institute - get help wherever you need it, whether it be data curation, strategic communication, or insights into public health best practices. You even get two hours of consultation at no extra cost.  

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make better decisions and save time. 

I used LiveStories to show data at the Way to Wellville meeting. I like how you can use different types of media: pictures, videos, and charts. It was very powerful to have the different types of media to share my story.
— Gemalli DeLeon, Lake County Tribal Health Department
“The California HealthCare Foundation is working with LiveStories to help counties in California better leverage data to support local health policymaking.”
— Andy Krackov | Senior Program Officer, Market and Policy Monitor Program California HealthCare Foundation

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